Membership is open to all who work in or have an interest in the New South Wales Car Hire Industry.

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We have deliberated long and hard about the membership fees and finally agreed on a fee of $1 per day per HC plate in monthly instalments of $30 per month per HC plate.

When you think about the fact that we used to pay $686.25 per plate per month $30 is a small amount by comparison.

Collection of fees is a fully automated process managed by the payment platform which is integrated into the website.

The credit card registration and payment software in use is Braintree.  This is a highly secure and reputable global platform used by global companies such as Uber.  Please visit https://www.braintreepayments.com/en-au for more information.

Members will join the association online and register their vehicles and their credit card and the system will automatically charge the $30 per plate.  You do not need to calculate anything – the system is designed to automatically make all the necessary calculations.  The recurring charge will be made each month on the day you joined the association.  You will be emailed a receipt for each monthly payment.

Our HC plates and our access to bus and transit lanes will be valid until 30 June 2024 and will be gone after that if we sit idle.

We are hoping that all registered members will re-join the NSW HCA under the new fee schedule.


If you are worried where your money will be spent please be assured that you will have full visibility over all expenditure through formal company financial reports (Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Statements) which will be published and posted in the member website at the end of each financial year by our accounting firm.

All the HCA Directors take the representation of the industry and the disbursement of collected membership funds very seriously and you will find very judicious expenditure with an outcomes-based focus.


We currently have 433 members registered under last years fee schedule.  The startup fees collected for the association where minimal and did not go far.  The majority of expenses incurred over the past 18 months have been funded personally by Simon Kalipciyan, John Bartollotta and Ritta Khoury – clearly this is not sustainable.

See image below showing the current category of memberships.  The chart numbers indicate the number of HC plates in each category.



In addition to representing the industry, the NSW HCA feels that strong membership numbers provide purchasing power with suppliers and we are keen to sign up suppliers who agree to give HCA members a preferred customer discount.

Following are areas that we are looking for preferred supplier in.  If any operator or driver has a supplier who would like to get more business from NSW HCA members for a discount please email us the suppliers contact details using the “Email Us” function on the Home Page and we will pick up that discussion.

Please note, this is a work in progress which has taken second priority behind the more urgent work of addressing the big issues that have faced the industry over the past 18 months (please refer to Resources page for more details on that primary effort).


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